Yelp 5 Star Review

Sharon M.

Wow, I'm surprised at the ratings that are on [Yelp]. I've had several closets installed with Closets by Design. I've worked with two different designers and while they did take a while to measure and talk with us, I felt that it was a more personal touch, something that made them stand out. The other company we called rushed through our appointment and used a design that was not specific to our needs. The designer we called from Closets By Design measured and drew up our closet on the spot and changed the design based on what we liked or didn't like. Our estimate wasn't terribly different then the others, and the research I did on the product line made me feel like it was a superior product to the other company we called. As far as the advertisements sent out, most companies do that when they are trying to pull in customers, it's what all commercials/advertisement­s do. They are in the business of making money. I'm actually impressed that they came down more, lots of companies wouldn't do that; as I've learned this week. Overall, our personal experience with this company was awesome. Everyone was friendly and willing to meet our needs. Our closets were installed without any real problems and problems that were discovered in the process were dealt with quickly. For example, our house is an older house and has settled a bit over time, which made a bit of a gap when the desk was installed. The installer identified it and adjusted the installation so that you couldn't even see it anymore. Our closets are just amazing, and I love how they have added storage space for our growing family. Everyone's experience is different I guess, but for every negative comment on these things, there are many more positive experiences out there that haven't been posted. I am for sure one of the pleased customers and would Closets by Design again if we needed anything done.